Pico, Faial and São Jorge form the so-called “Triangle” of the Central Group of the Azores archipelago.

The exuberance of these three islands of special beauty and their sea, makes this location an unique and sublime vacation destination!

Our boat unquestionably offers a relaxed and social way to enjoy the best that these 3 islands have to offer.

There trips will stay in your memory forever. Live aboard with us is so much more than living an unforgettable experience. It is to live many unique experiences, which we will be hold forever. Our location is in the center of the Azores. This group of three islands (Faial, Pico, São Jorge), although very close to each other, are morphologically unequal and, consequently, the type of seabed also differs greatly from one to another.

It is from the beautiful island of Faial that we carry out our activities. This island has several bays and other protected zones of different wind quadrants. Such features, always ensure good alternatives when the wind and the undulation do not promote the ideal conditions for us.

Another advantage of Faial, relatively to diving, is the close location (44 miles) from the Sea Mount Princess Alice.

In addition, the harbor is located near some of the best diving areas – the Protected Landscape of Monte da Guia and several seamounts between Faial and Pico. In these places, with depths for all preferences, soft or abrupt zones, cracks, caves, arches, sand, stone or mixed bottoms, innumerable species of fish abound, being the most coveted to observe the Mero (Dusky Grouper).

At a short distance (5 miles), the nearby Pico Island features a more geologically rocky bottom, with predominantly rugged bottoms and consequently more fish shelters. The protected area of ​​Madalena islets is an accessible dive site due to its shallow depth. These islets have an abundance and diversity of fish hard to find elsewhere.

A bit further along (11 miles) is another island – São Jorge. It is characterized by its elongated and narrow shape with steep and high slopes that originated the multiple Fajãs. It has a predominantly deep coast, but in the extremities of the island shallow water zones extend to a considerable area. The diving spot, called Rosais seamount, is more distant (2.7 miles of the coast) and emerges almost vertically from the quota of more than 100 meters until it is 17 meters from the surface. This is the best dive site in São Jorge.

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