The Azores is an extraordinary location for any person who loves the ocean. From the incredible diving, to the vast quantity of marine mammals and the stunning island scenery; it truly has something for everyone. To get the most out of such a remarkable place however, takes expertise. Paulo has an unbelievable level of knowledge of the seas around the Azores, and a skillset to match. What Paulo has truly mastered however, is his ability to impart this knowledge onto you, and show you the Azores – and the ocean – in a way you have simply never seen it. The secrets of the seas aren’t revealed by chance, and by going on Paulo’s boat, you know that you are with someone that will give you a view into the ocean that few others have had. Whether you are a film maker, photographer, diver or just want to have the adventure of a lifetime – Saildive will give you an experience that you will never forget.


Olly Scholey Photography

Our team had a very productive week aboard Saildive operated by Paulo Gaspar and his crew. The catamaran is one of the most efficient production platforms we have experienced in our career as underwater filmmakers. The space on board was managed very flexible according to our logistical needs. Paulo operated the catamaran with a strong focus to provide the best possible experience and always went the extra mile to exceed our expectations. We can see that his operation offers one of the best options to experience the waters of the Azores, no matter if you are on a wildlife expedition or simply on holiday.

Florian Fischer

Founder of ‘Behind the Mask’

Gaspar is truly a man of the sea. His knowledge of these waters and insight into the behaviors of the wildlife is extraordinary. Gaspar’s professionalism and passionate dedication to the success of your project and safe enjoyment of your expedition is why his company is the obvious choice for charter in the Azores. Whether you are a professional photographer or filmmaker in search of amazing footage of pelagic animals, or simply on a relaxing holiday of sailing or scuba diving in the beautiful Azores, you are in capable hands with Gaspar and his team.

Brandon Cole

Marine Wildlife Photographer

Paulo Gaspar is one of those unique individuals who is able to remove his mind from the concerns of civilized life and open it fully to the signals of nature, reading subtle hints in the breeze and on the surface of the ocean to understand what is happening in the unseen world beneath that surface. Years of stalking game as a blue water spearfisher have taught him the habits of many of the denizens of Neptune’s realm, how they interact with each other, where to look for certain creatures, and how to approach them. For a wildlife photographer or hunter, a guide with this set of knowledge, along with finely-tuned instincts, is an invaluable resource.

Doug Perrine

Marine Wildlife Photographer