Liveaboard in Azores – an amazing trip

Last week, we worked with WaterWorld for the first time. It was an amazing week with a fantastic group.

On the way to the Princess Alice Bank (Mobulas) and the Condor Bank (Blue Sharks), we spotted Sperm Whales, Sei Whales, Pilot Whales, and Spotted Dolphins.

We stayed for 2 days in Princess Alice Bank, having also spent a quiet night with a fantastic sea, making us remember to be sleeping at home.

With the privilege and exclusivity of diving without more divers strangers to our group, we made 4 dives with excellent visibility. We observed a group of 27 Mobulas, huge Amberjacks (some over 40 Kg), hundreds of Barracudas and Atlantic Bonito, SkippJacks, a huge Uge, about the size of a Mobula and a few smaller fish near the bottom.

Besides these 2 spots already referenced, we also made dives in other spots of the islands of Faial and Pico.

On board, the exclusivity, comfort, and good food were constant.

Photos By Peter Loseke and Manuela Kirschner

13 August, 2018 News
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  1. Hi,
    Extraordinary Magic diving video was great. I would like to thank you guys that you have being part of it.
    We are Couple of film makers and planning to visit Azores for diving.
    What is your 2021 schedules?
    Do we have to Reserve the whole boat ?
    What the trip durations are?
    June,July, August and September, October prices.
    Best regards,
    Mahmut Suner

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